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Working at Camanchaca means being part of a team of talented professionals and technicians that stand out for their excellence, passion, commitment and responsibility. Join an industry, like the food industry, that is of great importance to Chile and the world. Learn about this interesting productive sector.


At Camanchaca, we seek the best, most passionate, most talented people who are committed to and responsible for their jobs.

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Marcos Espinoza
Maintenance Technician

My name is Marcos Espinoza. I work at Camanchanca Pesca Norte, where I have been a maintenance technician for eight years. Before that I worked at Camanchaca in Talcahuano for 13 years. Camanchaca gave me an opportunity to earn my degree. I am proud of the company and its community relations program, Friendly Camanchaca, because it is concerned with interacting with society, neighborhood councils, senior citizens and the community at large.

Lucía Cisterna Alarcón

My name is Lucía Cisterna Alarcón. I came to work at Camanchaca as a tail remover in 1984. Then, I was in the canning area and, for the past nine years, I have been in the fillet area, where I work as a deboner. I am proud to be a Camanchaca employee. I have been able to buy a house and give my children an education. They are now professionals. Camanchaca has given me a lot and I am grateful for the stability and many benefits.

Marisol Reyes

My name is Marisol Reyes. I am a deboner at Salmones Camanchaca and the breadwinner in my family. Thanks to this job I have been able to pay for my daughter’s education as well as my own. Camanchaca has supported me as I work and study at the same time. Many times, I have had to ask for permission to attend class during the work day and they are always willing to help me change my schedule so I do not miss class.

Pedro Campos
Former Salmones Camanchaca Employee

My name is Pedro Campos. As a former Salmones Camanchaca employees, I am very grateful to be part of the greater Camanchaca family and to have contributed a little in the early stages of the great company that exists today.

Organizational Climate

Organizational climate evolution

Our organizational climate index has improved steadily over time and for the last two years is up more than 6% relative to the first study in 2012. These results can be attributed to ongoing management of the workplace climate based on diagnostics performed by the advising area from the Chilean Chamber of Construction’s OTIC (Intermediate Technical Training Body).